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드론 백그라운드

generated from motors and propellers in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
An advanced control system based on sound that tracks and visualizes rotation frequency in real time.

Urban Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Detection System

AirScopeA future with peace of mind from unmanned aerial vehicles

Low Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UVA) Day/Night Detection and Response System

It is an acoustic-based unmanned aerial vehicle detection and tracking system using a multi-channel microphone sensor.
AI² (Acoustic Inspector
It is an acoustic-based, advanced control system that tracks and visualizes the rotation frequency generated by the motor and attached rotating body (propeller) in real time.
 It is a next-generation low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle detection system capable of day/night detection and response in urban areas densely populated with high-rise buildings and low-altitude flights that cannot be detected by Lidar, Radar, and RF scanners.

Drone detection through sound, a safe future

An integrated control solution capable of real-time tracking and reporting, from predictions to warnings, to protect against privacy violations and to operate within major industrial facilities.
Accidents can be prevented.

drone detection system

Even in the private sector without being subject to domestic or foreign transmission laws.

It is available.

드론 탐지 시스템

Detection of illegal flights in urban areas

Day and night detection and response are possible, including in complex urban areas with tall buildings and low-altitude flights.

도심 내 불법 비행 감지

Real-time low-altitude and close-range flight detection

Low-altitude and low-speed flights that are difficult for Lidar and Radar to detect,

Hovering can also be detected in real time.

 실시간 저공 및 근접 비행 탐지

Motors and engines, mission equipment gimbals, cooling fans, and propellersOccurring in 
All frequency data is learned and processed.

  generated from the rotating body

All frequency data 
Learning and processing

회전체에서 발생하는  모든 주파수 데이터를  학습 및 가공

Tailored to the urban environment
Development and application of identification and classification techniques

 Cars, birds, outdoor devices, etc. that occur within the city centerDue to environmental noise in the city center

Identification Classification Techniques Algorithm is applied.

도심 내 환경에 맞춘  식별 분류 기법 개발 및 적용

Compatible with IoT services
Having a web server  

Web server compatible with IoT servicesIt has linkage with the response system and

Combination is possible.

mobile alarm

Warning broadcast within the building

Combination with other anti-drone systems

Automatic curtain closure when drone appears within private property (prevents illegal filming)

According to the change in rotation speed 
Capable of detecting movement changes

The main power source is the motor or engine and propeller.rotation speed changeIn accordance

Movement change detection is possible.

회전수 변화에 따른  운동 변화 탐지 가능


up and down movement

before and after movement

rotation in place

left and right movement

About exercise changes 
Frequency data learning and processing

drone5 movements (hovering, left-right movement, up-down) changesfor 
Learn and process frequency data.

운동 변화에 대한  주파수 데이터 학습 및 가공

Forward at 50m

rotate in place

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