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brand identity

Sound Cam Korea

​Brand identity

The color 'SCK Gray' is used to represent AI Square's functional and precise image, while the 'SCK Orange' color is used to add a point to make the Square more attractive.
It was expressed to be emphasized, and 'dark blue' color with medium saturation and low brightness was also used to maximize the high-tech and progressive image.
AI Square’s color system has been completed.

The AI alphabet expressed a progressive and advanced image by using straight lines that extend rather than round curves, and the square is a homonym for square.
By applying it as an ambiguous expression, it reflects a solid and heavy image.

Progressive, high-tech, robust

monogram lettermark

Acoustic Inspector × Artificial Intelligence =AI²(AI Square)

AI square


The signature system refers to a combination of AI Square's monogram lettermark and the brand name, and is carefully designed in consideration of the harmony between each element.

Since it has been adjusted, arbitrarily configuring and producing it in combinations other than those specified is prohibited, and the principle is to use it in its original form.


- Top and bottom combination

- Hangul combination


- ​English combination


color system

SCK Gray

R - 100 / G - 99 / B - 99 
C - 60 / M - 52 / Y - 52 / K - 22


* Point color information

SCK Orange

R - 238 / G - 118 / B - 35 
C - 3 / M - 66 / Y - 99 / K - 0


dark blue

R - 0 / G - 31 / B - 96
C - 100 / M - 92 / Y - 31 / K - 31


The space surrounding the primary is set to maintain optimal readability and attentionability.
This is the minimum margin setting standard.
The specified margin is the minimum margin standard and it is recommended to secure as much margin as possible.

space specifications

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