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Visualization frequency range 800Hz - 60kHz

Anyone, easily, comfortably


Visualization frequency range 2kHz - 100kHz

Anyone, easily, lightly

SoundCam Ultra

Anyone can use,

​The first portable sound camera

SoundCam Series

SoundCam Series

Find noise and leaks easily

The SoundCam Series, a portable sound camera, enables real-time sound source tracking and analysis in the field with a rear display.

Acquire acoustic data for detailed analysis in post-processing software Noise Inspector.

The SoundCam series combined with Noise Inspector tracks sound sources based on various algorithms,

The acoustic data analysis results are output in the form of objective data such as images, videos, spectra, and graphs using the reporting function.


Smartphone-level UI/UXI have 

Anyone can easily use SoundCam in just 5 minutes.

Anyone can easily

​So that it can be used

SoundCam Series

Frequency and spectrum observation

(real time, replay)


multi touch display

Multi touch screen

Convert video to .mp4


Convert image to .jpg


With one charge 
Up to 4 hours of use


IP54 rating that meets industry standards
(Dustproof, waterproof) equipment

Dustproof and Waterproof
SoundCam Series

With a highly sensitive microphoneFrom 10Hz to 100kHzcollects acoustic raw data and produces acoustic images,

Time-frequency spectrum, FFT graph

Prints in real time. 
Measurement data as video and image files

Instant conversion.

With a highly sensitive microphoneFrom 10Hz to 100kHzCollects audio raw data from

Outputs acoustic images, time-frequency spectra, and FFT graphs in real time.
Instantly convert measurement data into video and image files.

​The first portable acoustic camera, 
All tasks in one place

The world's first, only, Only SoundCam High-speed image conversion technology

portable fan

Even with the noise of movement

SoundCam provides 100f sound visualization per second, enabling real-time tracking and analysis without interruption in tracking movement or noise.

Portable fan
Portable fan

finger friction

Even momentary noises

SoundCam tracks even momentary noises to the end.
You can observe noise by comparing it with the decibel (dB) spectrum for each frequency at the bottom of the video, and the video conversion function within the terminal allows for more detailed analysis in slow motion (x0.5, x0.25).

Finger friction
Finger friction

soundOf courseVideo of the generated sound spreadingIt can also be observed and analyzed.

Supports 100f sound visualization per second

Finger friction 1
finger friction 2
finger friction 3
finger friction 4

SoundCamSupports 100f sound visualization per secondSo, of course, sound is generated

There is also a video of the sound being generated spreading.

Observation and analysis are possible.

only in the worldOnly SoundCam hasmost powerful feature

Are you still using 25 or 30 frames per second sound cameras?
Have you ever experienced something that was clearly heard in my ears but not shown in the sound camera?

SoundCamSupports real-time 100 frames per second sound visualizationSo, 
It provides users with information without interruption, from moving noises to momentary noises.

The most powerful features that only SoundCam has in the worldIt is. 

Noise Inspector 1

Analyze all frequency signals from 10Hz to 24,000Hz

Noise Inspector 2

FFT, Octave (3rd), Order analysis possible, Excel output data compatible

- FFT analysis

- Octave (with 3rd Octave)

Noise Inspector 3

​For reporting

All data can be output

- Image output through graph conversion

- Acoustic camera position and coordinate conversion

Noise Inspector

with all the analytics
Post-processing analysis software

 Noise Inspector, a post-processing software with all the analysis

From frequency analysis (FFT, Octave) to video and image conversion reportingThis is possible.

Automotive (NVH, BSR) and aircraft inspection and maintenance
Leak Test / Maintenance of transmission systems or in-line equipment
Building environment soundproofing performance evaluation
Product quality and reliability evaluation / Vacuum status check

various applications

Various Applications

powerful performance

Real-time specific noise isolation and tracking possible
Multiple abnormal noises and leaks detected on one screen
Fully industry-compliant IP54-rated design and high-speed acoustic imaging speed (100fps)
Measure, analyze, and output image and video files in the field using only SoundCam.

Powerful performance

A single acquisition from the audible to the ultrasonic range.

Post-processing software (Noise Inspector) enables precise analysis
Real-time output of acoustic images, time-frequency spectrum, and FFT graphs

exact solution

Exact solution

​Reduce workload

High accessibility that even non-experts can use with an easy and intuitive UI
Reduce inspection and analysis and work time with intuitive data output
Reduce resident manpower by utilizing trigger function

Reduce your workload

Why Choose SoundCam Series

With the best performance and accurate solution
Increase your work efficiency


Trigger based on decibel dB

dB band trigger by frequency

If it exceeds the set decibel (dB), everything is saved.

Trigger based on decibel dB

dB band trigger by frequency (Customizing)

The most powerful feature supported by SoundCam is the ability to set the frequency and corresponding dB, creating a trigger band.
​Optimization is possible for each application, and only the sound in the desired area of interest can be found among multiple noises.

After setting the trigger, leave work. 

Are you going to wait for abnormal noise or leaks to occur once in a while?

Supports real-time trigger functionbyDecibel (dB) triggerNot only that, you can create trigger bands.
Users can configure their own bands for the frequency of the area of interest and record abnormal noise and leaks (leakage, leakage) in real time like a black box.
Through real-time data collection Automatically stores frequencies that pass the trigger band for up to 10 secondsdo.

No strange sounds
Like a black box

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