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Occurs during operation during quality inspection of products produced through the in-line manufacturing process.

A system that can automatically inspect abnormal noise, leakage, abnormal electrical noise, etc.

Intelligent Acoustic Inspector

지능형 음향 검사기

In acoustic diagnosisSmartplus

Smart manufacturing intelligent system

In-line based intelligent home appliance abnormal noise detection, tracking, inspection, abnormal noise data analysis, statistics, and search system.
By detecting and analyzing workplace noise generated during the home appliance manufacturing process and abnormal noise data generated during operation during quality inspection of manufactured products, 
Provides real-time location of abnormal noise.

Inspect quality with abnormal noise

From abnormal noise detection, tracking, and inspection to abnormal noise data analysis, statistics, and search

All possible with one intelligent acoustic tester.

Smart Factory A.I Sound Tester

AI², the first combination of artificial intelligence and acoustic inspection, is a  smart

This is a solution optimized for factories.

스마트팩토리 인공지능 검사기

Based on visualization for In-Line application

Smart, an intelligent smart acoustic tester equipped with AI²,

Full inspection without affecting production TacTime 

A capable visualization acoustic inspection system.

생산라인 적용 시각화 기반

3D acoustic data filtering technology

Collects and classifies all acoustic data in three-dimensional space, 

Acoustic metrics created based on video classify and visualize all acoustic data occurring within a space.

3차원 음향 데이터 기술

Easier and more intuitive
User-friendly UI/UX application

In the collection, analysis and inspection of acoustic data, User directly changes modeThrough

Data classification and processing is possible.
Learning algorithm is automatically applied according to classification, focused inspection area, noise filtering area, etc.

About the space the user wants Freely specify your learning locationYou can.


Focused inspection area

Secondary noise filtering area

Primary noise filtering area

Inspection area and noise 
Filtering area settings

Detection power and learning stage settings

S/W engine for each inspection stage

Check out the step-by-step software engine of the Intelligent Acoustic Inspector.


Preparing the object for inspection

Intelligent acoustic detector, unmanned aerial vehicle detection system,

Development and supply of industrial equipment diagnostic systems


Recognize the movement of the inspection target

In-Line environment-based home appliances and models
Abnormal noise frequency analysis engine


Specify inspection area

Video & Audio Acoustic Image
Matching engine-based abnormal noise tracking engine


Identify abnormal noise sources

In-line and surrounding environment noise analysis and

Determine abnormal noise by home appliance model and derive visualization results

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